Are you getting enough sleep?

A survey, conducted by YouGov,  polled 4,100 British adults and found that a whopping 46 per cent of women often found it difficult to sleep – compared with 36 per cent of men.

Not only that, but women were more likely to wake during the night and six in 10 admitted to becoming irritable during the day because of fatigue.

Sleep apnoea can be a cause of a bad night’s sleep. The condition causes snoring and dangerous pauses in breathing,  and the menopause can increase a woman’s risk of suffering from the disorder.

In more serious cases, when left untreated, the condition can cause heart attacks and strokes. Symptoms other than insomnia include snoring, restless legs, fatigue, headaches, depression and muscle pain.

Bill Johnston, chairman of the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association, which commissioned the study, said:

“The overall lack of awareness around sleep apnoea symptoms and its impact on a person’s health may mean that many are suffering in silence so it is important that we work with healthcare professionals to uncover this missing group and help minimise the impact of sleep problems on their lives.”

How well do you sleep?  Do you wake up regularly in the night unable to get back to sleep easily?  Do you find it difficult to get to sleep?  Does your sleep pattern cause you concern? Do you take any medication to help you sleep? Or do you sleep like a baby?

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