Are you bothered by online advertising?

Most websites nowadays feature adverts, some are simple banners while others are ‘trackers’ that follow people around the internet and appear on different websites.

Many people using desktops have downloaded ‘Ad Blockers’ which is software designed to block adverts coming up on websites. It’s estimated that 40% of Britons and 200 million people world-wide have installed this software.

Apple stunned the online community this week by allowing iPhone users to download mobile anti-advertising software onto their mobile phones. The ad blocking software scans web pages to detect advertisements and prevents them from loading. There has been a huge rush to download the new software which suggests that many consumers are fed up with internet adverts.

What’s your view? Have you downloaded software to stop adverts showing on your desktop? Have you done this with your iPhone? Or don’t adverts bother you and sometimes you see a product you would like to buy and click? 

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