Should ‘Dippy’ the dinosaur be replaced with a Blue Whale?

London’s Natural History Museum is re-modelling its entrance, moving out the dinosaur and moving in a blue whale.

The dinosaur, nicknamed Dippy, has greeted visitors since 1979 but now has fallen victim to the museum’s plans for an overhaul. Due to logistics the exchange will not happen overnight.  The whale will not be in situ until sometime in 2017 hanging from the ceiling of the iconic Victorian Hintze Hall.

“Everyone loves ‘Dippy’, but it’s just a copy,” commented Sir Michael Dixon, the NHM’s director, “and what makes this museum special is that we have real objects from the natural world – over 80 million of them – and they enable our scientists and thousands like them from around the world to do real research.”

There has been an outcry over these plans to eject famous dinosaur and has prompted a #savedippy Twitter campaign!

What are your views? Would you like to see the iconic Dippy replaced with a blue whale skeleton?

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