Do you buy a daily newspaper or do you read the news online?

A brand new daily newspaper, the New Day, is set to close on Friday, just nine weeks after it was launched.

Publisher Trinity Mirror said it was “disappointing” but circulation for the title was “below our expectations”.

Its impending closure comes just over a month after the Independent and Independent on Sunday ceased as print editions to concentrate on online publishing.

Newspaper sales have been declining over the last few years, and it’s not surprising when there has been such a huge increase of news available online, using apps, and also via social media.  Social media sites (Facebook and Twitter) are used as a news source by over 25% of online news users, and others use search engines to find news.

The over 50s are the age group most inclined to buy a paper copy, although this is very much declining.

Many people don’t see the point in buying a print newspaper if they believe they can get all the news they need online for free.

Online newspapers and news websites such as the BBC, are very good at bringing the latest most relevant breaking news stories of the day to the focal point making newsprint out of date very quickly.

In this fast-paced world, people don’t want to spend time fumbling through a print newspaper to find an article when they can search for and find it online in a matter of seconds.

So what are your views?  Does the paper boy still deliver to your home? Do you buy your paper from the newsagent? Have you experienced both newspaper formats? Which do you prefer? Do you subscribe to an online newspaper?

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