Do you usually leave a tip in a restaurant?

A survey in holiday hotspots around the world has found that the British are the second meanest nation for leaving a tip in restaurants and bars.

Only the French are worse than us. Brits give on average a 7% tip to waiters in restaurants and bars with the French giving less than that and 30% of all French give no tips at all. The most generous tippers are the Americans giving an average of 13% of the cost of the bill as a tip.

Part of the problem is that it can be tricky to know what is expected of you overseas.  Tom Bishop, head of travel insurance at Direct Line, said “Tipping expectations vary hugely across the globe and reflect different cultures, attitudes and laws. Our reserved nature and laws preventing employers using tips to top up salaries mean that there is not an established tipping culture in the UK. Many of us feel awkward and confused when it comes to tipping practices across the world.

What’s your view? Do you leave a tip when in a restaurant, bar or a taxi? Are you a generous tipper or do you think people in the service industry should be expected to work without tips? Do you check the tipping culture of a country before travelling abroad?

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