Do you mind the gap?

The makers of Toblerone, Mondelez, have taken the decision to widen the gaps between the chocolate bar’s distinctive triangular chunks in an effort to avoid putting its prices up. This has upset fans who say that they do mind the gap.

The product’s makers, US-based Mondelez International, said it had changed the design to cut the weight of two bars from Toblerone’s UK range. It has reduced 400g bars to 360g and 170g bars to 150g in order to maintain retail prices.

Some consumers have described the move as “the wrong decision” and said the bigger spaces looked “stupid”.

Mondelez said the move was down to a rise in the cost of ingredients.

It seems to happen every year now, that chocolate manufacturers start messing with our favourite confectionery, whether it’s size, recipe or packaging.

In recent months we found out our ever shrinking tin of Christmas Quality Street will no longer contain the Toffee Delux, in 2014 Cadbury decided to stop making chocolate coins for Christmas,  and last month it was the turn of the Terry’s Chocolate Orange which has shrunk from 175g to 157g – making it 10% smaller than it was last year.

How disappointed would you be if your opened your Toblerone and found you’re getting less chocolate?  Should they have reduced the length and kept the chunky triangles? Does this new design look like a weird fake replica?

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