Do you support a ‘sugar tax’ to help tackle obesity?

We have all been made aware this year that sugar is the enemy in our diets, and the excessive consumption of sugar is playing a large part in the obesity crisis that we face in the UK, especially in children.

A sugar tax and cutting buy-one-get-one-free deals are part of Public Health England’s “key actions” to tackle people’s addiction to sugar.

It suggests:

  • A sugar tax between 10% and 20%
  • Significantly reducing advertising high sugar food and drink to children
  • Targeting supermarkets and take-away special offers
  • Sugar reduction in everyday food and drink
  • Ensure the sale of healthier foods in hospitals and other public bodies
  • Call on industry to reduce amount of added sugar

The report attacked price promotions that distort people’s shopping baskets – 40% of money spent on food and drink was on products on offer.

However, a spokesman for David Cameron said the Prime Minister did not “see the need for a tax on sugar” and that there were “more effective ways” of dealing with the obesity crisis which costs the NHS £6bn a year.

Shocking amounts of sugar revealed in drinks

Shocking amounts of sugar revealed in drinks

What are your views?  Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you think that responsibility lies with the manufacturers who add the sugar to the food in the first place.  Should we tackle the cause of the problem, rather than the symptom? Or do you think it is up to the individual to manage their sugar consumption.  Would a sugar tax deter you or change your buying habits?

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