Do you think that all dogs should be microchipped?

The new law comes into force tomorrow, 6th April 2016, for all dogs in the UK to be microchipped.

Dog owners who have failed to microchip and register their canine companions will soon face fines of up to £500. But it is thought that thousands of dog owners have still to comply with the new rule.

Owners of dogs that have not been microchipped can be served with a notice requiring them to have the dog chipped within 21 days or face a fine.

Behind the legislation is a plan to create a central database listing every dog in the UK that will allow dog wardens to identify strays and help tackle the black market trade in animals.

Owners are responsible for having their dog chipped and keeping their registration details up to date.

Any vet can fit a microchip and they normally charge around £20 to £30.

What are your views?  Is your dog microchipped yet?  Do you think it should be compulsory, or do you think there should be freedom of choice? Will you be visiting your vet soon to get your dog chipped?

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