Do you wear your poppy on the left or the right?

Remembrance Sunday is approaching and poppies are on sale to raise money for the Royal British Legion. But what is the etiquette when it comes to wearing one?

Worn to remember the nation’s war dead, the red poppy is a widely recognised emblem. Most people wear their poppy on their coats/jackets, so people can see them when they’re out and about.

Generally, people start wearing them from mid-October, although the official poppy campaign doesn’t normally start until the penultimate week of October. This is when most people start wearing them, although some wait until the start of November before pinning theirs on.

There has been an age long debate, on what is the correct way to wear your poppy.

Some people say left, as it’s worn over the heart. It is also where military medals are worn. Others say only the Queen and Royal Family are allowed to wear a poppy on the right, which isn’t true. Then there is the school of thought that says men should wear theirs on the left and women on the right, as is the traditional custom with a badge or brooch. And some say the leaf should be pointing to 11 0’clock to represent the 11th hour on the 11th day.

The Royal British Legion said ‘There is no right or wrong lapel, no right or wrong leaf position, no right or wrong time of day, no right or wrong start date. The best way to wear a poppy, is to wear it with pride.’

Do you wear a poppy?  When do you start wearing your poppy?  Do you wear it on the left, the right or whatever takes your fancy? Did you know Scotland has its own poppy and supports Poppy Scotland?

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