Do your pets get distressed with the sound of fireworks?

As Bonfire Night approaches, many people will be busy buying fireworks and planning displays during this week, but may forget about the traumatic effects these noisy evenings can have on dogs and other pets.

In years gone by, fireworks were only displayed on one or two nights around the 5th November, however nowadays, fireworks seem to be raging for both weeks either side of the official bonfire night.

Loud bangs and flashes created by fireworks can be exciting for humans but very frightening for animals. This can make it a very traumatic time for some pet owners, especially for their dogs and also horses too.

Is your pet anxious about the sound of fireworks?  Do you dread this time of year?  What are your strategies for managing your fearful pet at this time of year? Or is your pet totally unfazed by the sound of fireworks?

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