Have you ever been the victim of Internet fraud?

Over 1m over-45s have fallen victim to online scams. Over-75s are most likely to be caught out, despite most considering themselves tech adopters.

Middle-aged people who consider themselves tech-savvy are a prime target for internet fraudsters, according to research by the insurer Aviva.

  • Over-75s are most at risk of being targeted by fraudsters, with 76% approached by email – exceeding the 69% who have been targeted by phone scams

Aviva’s Real Retirement Report found that those aged between 45 and 64 were more likely to be conned than those between 65 and 74 and are almost as at risk as the over-75s.

The survey showed that 6 per cent of over-45s with internet access had been victims of scams, compared with 4 per cent of 65 to 74-year-olds and 8 per cent of over-75s.

Rodney Prezeau, managing director of Aviva UK’s consumer platform, said: “Our research dispels the myth that older generations are technophobes. However, it highlights the security risks that come with lives that are increasingly led or supported by online services.”

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What are your views?  Have you ever been the victim of Internet fraud?  Do you take strong measures to protect yourself from fraudsters? Have you received scam emails? Do you feel technology has had a positive impact on your life? 


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