Are you a good neighbour?

Everybody needs good neighbours – New research reveals an impressive 93% of people aged over 55 know their neighbours names. The over 55s are also known as the helpful demographic, and make the best neighbours.

The following are the findings of some recent research carried out by Direct Blinds.

•   63% speak to their neighbours regularly

•   77% saying they would be happy to lend something to their neighbour.

Nicolas Swift, Joint Managing Director of Direct Blinds, commented on the findings: “Having neighbours you get on with is a great bonus, and now it seems we’ve pinpointed the most neighbourly demographic. Confidence is said to come with age and it seems over-55s are there already ….”

He added: “It’s also very heart-warming to find that Brits are still full of neighbourly spirit, taking the time to learn each other’s names and speak to each other regularly.”

What are your views?  How neighbourly are you?  Do you speak to your neighbours and help them if needed?  Would you lend a cup of sugar or more if asked? Would you let out your neighbours dog, or feed their cat?  What are your neighbours like?

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