Have you noticed that pack sizes have shrunk while prices remain unchanged?

Some big name brands are shrinking product sizes and quantities while keeping the original price, a study has found.

This ‘shrinkflation’ is affecting anything from bags of crisps to packs of dishwasher tablets. But while it may be better for your waistline, it’s not better for your pocket if manufacturers and supermarkets don’t pass on the cost saving to consumers.

Consumer watchdog Which? has revealed a host of grocery products that have been shrunk in size while the price remains the same. The latest casualty are boxes of Cadbury’s Fingers which will contain two fewer chocolate fingers from now on. They join items such as Creme Eggs, PG Tips, Hovis, and John West tuna as part of an apparent strategy across the retail industry that enables manufacturers to increase profits without putting up prices.

How do you feel about being short-changed by some of your favourite brands?  What items that you buy seem to have shrunk?

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