Have your tried e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking?

Doctors have given e-cigarettes the green light in a new landmark report stating smokers should be encouraged to use them.

A group of Britain’s top doctors say that smokers should be actively encouraged to use e-cigarettes because they’re far less harmful than cigarettes. In a landmark 200 page report, the Royal College of Physicians says it can lay to rest all the arguments about why e-cigs might be dangerous such as normalising smoking or acting as a gateway to smoking.

Sales of e-cigarettes have been rising steadily since the first went on sale in 2007 in the UK.

Since 2012, they have replaced nicotine patches and gum to become the most popular choice of smoking cessation aid in England.

Around one in 20 adults in England uses e-cigarettes, and nearly all of these are ex-smokers or current smokers who are trying to cut down or quit.

What are your views?  Are you a smoker or an ex-smoker?  Have you tried or converted to e-cigarettes? Have you quit smoking and how did you do it?

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