Do you have insurance for your pet?

Your dog or cat is a member of your family and keeping them healthy is a priority, but escalating costs of veterinary care and expensive options for treatment may mean pet health insurance is a viable option. 

Choosing whether or not to buy pet insurance can be challenging.  With so many policies available and the cost, as with humans, is based on the age of your animal and the cover you want, it’s a tricky decision to make.

And then there is the excess to consider and some policies require you to pay a percentage of the treatment as well. And as for pre-existing conditions … if you take out a policy for your pet when they are an adult, you need to consider any previous visits to the vets, as these may well be included in pre-existing conditions.

If you ask ten different pet owners their opinion on pet insurance, you will likely get ten different answers, ranging from “It saved my dog’s life” to “Pet insurance is a scam”.

What is your experience of pet insurance.  Do you have it insurance for your pet?   Have you made a claim?  Did it meet your expectations? Why have you chosen not to buy it?

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