Is Boxing Day too early for shops to display Easter Eggs?

Easter eggs spotted on supermarket shelves just days after Christmas

Shoppers around the country reported seeing chocolate eggs in branches of the Co-op, Iceland and Sainsbury’s.

After sightings at a number of big-name stores, many felt it was simply ‘too soon’.

Shoppers around the UK have been reporting sightings on social media, with some shops reportedly stocking the chocolate treats from as early as Boxing Day – a full 109 days before Easter Sunday, which falls on April 12 in 2020.

Shops including Co-op, Iceland and Sainsbury’s have been spotted with chocolate eggs on display.

Sue McGorry, who took a photo of Easter eggs on the shelves of a branch of the Co-op in Liverpool, tweeted: “I haven’t even finished the mince pies and spotted Easter eggs in the shop!!!”

And Sarah-Jane Hope, who was confronted with a similar sight at a Co-op in Edinburgh, wrote: “My local shop has #easter eggs in and it’s not even #2020 yet!”

In response to some customer comments, Co-op tweeted: “As Xmas products sell out and space becomes available on shelves some Easter products may start to appear.

“Many customers like to buy chocolate eggs as soon as they can and we believe it’s right to offer our shoppers choice.”

What are your views? Is it too soon for Easter eggs to go on sale, or are you happy to see them on the shelves? Would you actually buy one now?

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