Is Chris Evans a suitable replacement presenter for Top Gear?

It has been confirmed that Jeremy Clarkson has been sacked as Top Gear presenter after a BBC investigation found he did assault a producer in a row over steak and chips.

Clarkson may be popular with the audience, and the BBC really did not want to lose him, but this was a star who admitted he was on his final warning and a corporation that was under intense scrutiny over what its top talent can and cannot get away with.

According to well-placed sources, senior executives at the Corporation have been wooing Radio 2 Breakfast Show host and self- confessed ‘petrol-head’, Chris Evans in the hope he will agree to take over.

Evans, 48, has one of the most prestigious car collections in Britain, including a £12 million 1963 Ferrari 250GTO. Apparently bosses are keen to persuade him to sign up.

It is not clear whether Clarkson’s co presenters James May and Richard Hammond will remain with the programme or will join Clarkson on any new ventures.

What are your views? Is Chris Evans a suitable Top Gear presenter and replacement for Jeremy Clarkson? Or is there someone else you would prefer to see?  

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