Is the correct use of grammar and spelling important to you?

There have been many arguments about whether or not spelling and grammar matter in social media.

There are those who believe that the written word – whether in print or online – matters greatly and that our mastery of a language directly reflects on our intelligence level.

There are also those that say spelling and grammar are far less important than they used to be; especially online where blog posts can be re-edited and re-published and social media status updates can be deleted.

There are also those who some people refer to as ‘the grammar police’ who get very frustrated if humorous posts have a spelling error, and can only focus on the mistake and miss the joke!

And then there is the issue of American spellings too … ‘z’ in place of ‘s’ and several words spelt differently than the UK version.

Where do you stand on spelling and grammar? Do they still matter in Social Media online as much as in print? Do they matter less today than they did 20 years ago? Does any kind of spelling or grammatical error bug you?

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