Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge?

Ketchup debate: To chill or not to chill...

Our fridges are stuffed with food that could also be kept in the cupboard. In the past, people kept butter, eggs and sauces in the larder without getting ill. So why do many of us insist on keeping it all chilled?

Many brands we recognise today, such as Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce, HP Sauce and Heinz Tomato Ketchup, were all sold before households had fridges. Their acidity levels, coupled with salt and sugar content, means they were – and still are – microbiologically safe to keep at room temperature.

It was only from 1968 that half of Britons owned a fridge. Nearly 50 years on, we are fridge-obsessed.

A recent poll conducted by Asda found that 53% of Britons prefer to store their ketchup in the refrigerator, while a mere 47% keep it in the cupboard.

What are your views?  Do you keep your ketchup in the fridge? Do you always follow storage guidelines printed on labels? What other condiments do you store in the fridge?  Do you like your ketchup chilled or served at room temperature?

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