Is the Labour leadership election process flawed?

There are questions being raised about the integrity of the Labour leadership contest.

It is feared that there are thousands of Tory and other party infiltrators now involved in this election and at least one in ten voters are not even Labour party members, which is falsifying the leadership vote.

Harriet Harman has called a meeting with the four candidates, Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Jeremy Corbyn, and Liz Kendall, on Tuesday 25th August, to discuss the integrity of the process.  When asked last week, by the media, if this contest was flawed, Harriet Harman said she didn’t believe it was and it was to go ahead, unaltered.  There are now more concerns because the Labour candidates have no confidence that the applicants who are voting are being vetted effectively.

Andy Burnham MP said “I do not want members of the Conservative Party deciding the future of the labour party”

What are your views? Do you have confidence in the way applicants to vote are vetted? Do you think the current process should be scrapped and started again with more rigorous scrutiny?

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