Would you like to turn back time?

Would you like to turn back time? This is a question posed by one our our members who would welcome your views … 

“Just recently I have read of so many people who want to return to the fifties, sixties, seventies etc and seem to want to live in the past. What do you think? I can remember lining up for the necessary inoculations and praying that I wouldn’t be last in the queue as the needle got blunt (yes, they used the same needle for the whole class); only being able to buy a limited range of vegetables; being able to play outside and having to come home when it got dark; having only one television channel and that was in black/white.  We’ve come a long way but although life is very different now, I welcome most of the changes.”

Are you happy in the current era, or would you like to revisit the past? What are your views?

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What are your views?

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