Are you too old for selfies?

Contrary to popular opinion, social media clearly have an important role to play for us as we get older.

Whilst social media may not be contributing to the personal skills of younger people, the over 50s recognise that as they grow older and less physically mobile, social media will play a key role in keeping in touch with friends and family.

Some 92 per cent of internet savvy over-50s use Facebook to stay in touch with friends and family and 48 per cent use it to share updates and photos.

But the latest research found that 16 per cent also upload selfies on the social media site too and some admitted it was to show their old partners how well they have aged.

Obama is the first president to play with a selfie stick, and David Cameron has been seen taking one too!

Are you a fan of the selfie?  Have you ever taken a selfie and shared it via social media. Or do you consider selfies for the younger generation and not for you?

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