Do you prefer Cadbury’s Roses to be ‘twist’ or ‘flow wrap’?

Since before the Second World War Cadbury’s Roses have had twist foil wrappers  – but from today, Cadbury’s are ditching the twist style and they will be replaced with a modern “flow wrap” design.

Fans are already up in arms over the re-design and one Roses fan tweeted: “Nooooooo! Is nothing sacred?”.  First they changed the recipe of the Cadbury’s Creme Egg at Easter and now this!

The famous foil wrappers, which are undone by millions of happy families each year, are to be binned in favour of a more modern design which seal closed like most chocolate bars.

A Cadbury spokesman said: “In 2014, the number one complaint on Cadbury Roses was chocolates becoming unwrapped in the box and affecting the other chocolate flavours.”

Equally worrying for Roses addicts is the ever-shrinking tub which will now be smaller than ever before – after the brand’s US owners chose to shrink the tub of chocolates for the fourth time in four years, from 975g to 729g with the same RRP.

Are you a Cadbury’s Roses fan?  How do you feel about the new modern wrapper design?  Have you ever had an unwrapped sweet in your tub? Will you feel disappointed now you’ll miss out on the spontaneity of unwrapping a twist sweet covering?  Do you feel cheated about the shrinking tub size?

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