Ready prepared or whole – how do you buy your vegetables?

With a wealth of health information at our fingertips, most of us try to take good care of our bodies, getting our five fruit and vegetables a day.

With so many options of where to buy your veggies ranging from supermarkets, local farm shops, market stalls and organic home delivery to name but a few, plus some of us grow our own, there is no shortage of supply.  And as for seasonal crops, with much produce being shipped in from around the world there is an endless variety to choose from.

In supermarkets, not only is there a vast range of whole fruit and vegetables, with pre-packed options as well, but there is increasingly a massive range of prepared, ready peeled and sliced vegetables including stir-fry packs, ready to steam and microwave packs as well as pre-washed salad bags too. Not to mention freezers full of frozen produce!

So how do you make your selection when it comes to buying your five a day? Do you prefer to buy whole vegetables, with dirt and all? Or do you find it more convenient to buy prepared vegetables?  Do you stock up weekly or as and when needed? Do you support your local Greengrocer or your supermarket chain?

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