Should Handstands and Cartwheels be banned in school playgrounds?

Handstands and cartwheels have been banned during break times at a primary school in Devon after pupils kept injuring themselves and these activities are now considered too risky.

It is becoming apparent that there are restrictions being imposed on children across the country at break times in school, due to the potential risk factor.

If children are not encouraged to take risks, how are they going to reach their potential as successful adults, if they are protected at this stage in their lives. Surely, learned injuries are hugely important for a child’s development. You only learn your limits when you get close to them.

Is this yet another reflection of how our ‘nannied state’ is restricting independence, development and life learning lessons?

What are your views?  Did real life in the playground toughen you up? Are extreme Health & Safety measures stifling children’s learning experiences? Or do you think our children and grandchildren should be wrapped in cotton wool? 

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