Should over 70s be banned from voting on the country’s future?

A shock poll last night showed half of young adults reckon the over-70s should be barred from voting on the country’s future.

The Britain-wide survey revealed 47 per cent of the 16-34 age bracket think pensioners shouldn’t get a say on issues like Brexit and Scottish independence – as it’s the younger generation that has to live longest with the consequences.

The Panelbase poll of 2,013 people in Scotland, England and Wales was commissioned pro-Scottish Independence website Wings Over Scotland, after studies showed older people swung the Brexit vote in favour of Leave – and pensioners sealed the 2014 Scottish referendum No victory.

It found 32 per cent overall “broadly agreed” and 68 per cent “broadly disagreed” that over-70s should be stripped of a vote on “matters of potential major permanent change such as Brexit”.

But in the 16-34 age group, the ban/don’t ban split narrowed to 47/53.

In the 35-54 bracket, it was 34/66, while over-55s disagreed most strongly with a ban – with just 18 per cent agreeing, and 82 per cent disagreeing.

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