Should over 70s have to retake their driving test?

Currently, there is no age restriction on when Brits should stop driving with the law only requiring drivers to renew their licences every three years from the age of 70.

Figures from the DVLA show there are 4.5 million over 70s still on the road with 239 licence holders aged 100 to 108.

Half of British drivers are calling for the over 70s to retake driving tests before they are allowed back behind the wheel. Research by website also found a quarter of UK motorists want to see a maximum age limit imposed on all UK drivers with two in ten citing 71-75 as the cut off.

But elderly drivers have fought back and one in three insist they are better drivers today than when they were in their teens or twenties. And four in ten said they would be willing to take a new test to prove it.

More than half turned the tables on younger motorists saying they were more reckless than silver haired motorists and caused more accidents.

What are your views?  Should there be an upper maximum age limit imposed on drivers? Would you be willing to retake your driving test after the age of 70? Have you ever had to shop a much older friend or relative amid fears their doddery driving would cause an accident behind the wheel? Or is it the younger drivers that are more reckless on the roads?

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