Should the government be spending tax payers money on EU Leaflets with a one sided view?

The government is spending more than £9m on sending a leaflet to every UK household setting out the case for remaining in the European Union.

It says the 14-page document, to be sent to 27 million homes, responds to public demand for more details about the EU referendum by setting out the facts behind the government’s position.

They said internal opinion polls suggested 85% of people wanted the government to provide more information so they could make an informed decision on 23 June.

Environment Secretary Liz Truss said the leaflets would help voters do so. She also emphasised the government’s view that EU membership “brings economic security, peace and stability”.

An additional £2.89m had been spent on the accompanying website and “digital promotion”.

But the move was met with thinly disguised anger by groups campaigning for EU exit.

“Our money should not be used on propaganda, trying to buy votes. We already send £350m to Brussels each week. We should spend our money on our priorities like the NHS.”

What is your view?  Are you happy to be sent out a leaflet telling you why we should stay in the EU? Or would you prefer to have a leaflet that has a balance of pros and cons to help you make an informed decision? Do you think this is a good use of tax payers money?

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