Should smoking be banned on British beaches?

Brighton Beach could become the first beach in Britain to ban smoking. The city council will vote tomorrow on the decision.

Smoking is one of Brighton’s leading causes of premature death, and the proposed smoke-free areas are the places where children are most likely to be present.

The proposed plans appear designed to make the places like parks and and beaches, often very busy during school holidays, a safer place for children to play.

But pro-smoking lobby group Forest said the proposed move would not be fair and feel it is an ‘attack on personal freedom’ .

Director Simon Clark said: ‘Smokers should smoke responsibly, with consideration for others around them, but extending the smoking ban to open spaces is unnecessary and unjust.’

What are your views?  Should smoking on beaches be banned?  Should the bans be extended to other public outdoor spaces? Is this an attack on personal freedom?

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