Have you switched energy supplier?

Common myths and misconceptions are holding customers back from getting better deals on their gas and electricity.

According to, nearly half of customers surveyed (48%) are unwilling to switch because they think they will have to arrange the move themselves. A further 38% believe switching is “too difficult”.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) says millions are paying £200 too much for their gas and electricity each year by not switching energy companies. Their ‘Power to Switch’ TV and media campaign launched in February encouraged people to compare gas and electricity prices and take advantage of the best energy deals to save around £200.

With the fresh election results just in, the Conservatives have promised to make it easier for customers to switch energy companies by introducing 24 hour switching and promoting competition from challenger energy suppliers like First Utility, who have campaigned for faster, easier energy switching, to keep energy bills as low as possible.

Have you switched your energy supplier yet? Do you think switching your gas and electricity is a hassle or a waste of time? Should more be done to help you get a better deal on your gas and electricity?

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