Do you trust eating advice shared via the media?

We are constantly told what to eat and what not to eat, and quite often the advice is subsequently contradicted. 

Eating fat has for the last three decades at least, been linked to heart disease, and we have been advised to avoid fatty foods like meat, cheese and cream. However today we are being told that  FAT is the key to living longer: Previous diet advice was WRONG, say experts!

A DIET of “real food” containing plenty of natural fat could be the key to living a long and healthy life.

Now scientists say the advice followed flawed trials – none had involved female patients – and “should never have been introduced”. There is no direct link between fat intake and death from heart disease, they say.

It now seems that advice on a low fat diet was based on undercooked science!

So who do you believe?  How are we to make informed eating choices when the information provided can change?  What are your views?  Do you eat everything in moderation or do you take note of the up to date advice shared via the media and exclude food groups from your diet?

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