What irritates you the most about mobile phone users?

A new online poll names and shames mobile phone users’ most irritating practices, from over-sharing images of food to constant updating of current location.

Talking loudly on public transport has been voted the most common annoying mobile phone habit by the over 55’s with 79% of votes. This beat ‘friends who continue to use their mobile in social situations’ with 73%.  These figures were revealed in a new online survey of over 2000 UK adults by,

In addition, the following irritants comprise other annoying mobile phone habits reported:

•  Playing loud music on mobile phones (57%)

•  Texting while walking (48%)

•  Using “text speak” in other communications (e.g. using “u” instead of “you” when emailing) (37%)

•  Phone “snobbery” (i.e. people who strongly argue one phone’s merit over another) (32%)

•  Constantly updating a location on social media (32%)

• Constantly being invited by people to play mobile phone games (37%)

•  Taking/sharing photographs of food (28%)

Have you got anything else to add to this list?  What mobile phone users’ irritating practices bug you?

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