When the odds are decreased, will you continue to do the Lottery?

National Lottery operator Camelot are set to make changes to the in the Lotto game from this October.

Under the new rules, the pool of numbers that players have to choose from will increase from 49 to 59.  Currently the odds of winning the Lotto jackpot are just under one in 14 million, however with the increase in number of balls, these odds will lengthen to around one in 45 million when the new changes come in.

Increasing the number pool size will roughly halve people’s current chance of getting a cash prize, however the big jackpots themselves are increasing by up to 3 times.

Camelot said a new Millionaire Raffle will guarantee at least one millionaire per draw, the average winning jackpot is expected to be triple the current level, and the chances of winning at least £1 million will be better than the chances of winning the jackpot on the current game, with odds at one in just under 10 million compared with one in just under 14 million on today’s game.

Do you currently do the lottery?  How will these changes affect you?  Do you do the same numbers each week, and how will the addition of another 10 numbers to choose from effect you?


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