Who would make a better President – Donald or Hillary?

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton held a six-point lead over Republican rival Donald Trump, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll with new wording that was released on Friday, the day after she formally accepted her party’s nomination for November’s election.

Nearly 41 per cent of likely voters favor Clinton, 35 percent favor Trump, and 25 per cent picked “Other,” according to the new July 25-29 online poll of 1,043 likely voters, which overlapped with the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

Donald Trump is a bit like Marmite without a background in politics, and Hillary Clinton is the first woman nominated by a major party. She served as a senator from a major state (New York) and as secretary of state.

Hillary Clinton has had senior positions in the US Government and is experienced politically but has made some mistakes such as sending her emails from an unsecured server. Donald Trump is a hugely experienced businessman and billionaire and speaks his mind but is very controversial.

What are your views? Who would make the best president of the United States… the most powerful person in the world? If you had to choose between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, who would you vote for?

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