Will Donald Trump ‘Make America Great Again’?

“Make America Great Again.” The four words that helped propel Donald Trump to the White House

Tomorrow is the day when Donald Trump will be inaugurated and sworn in as President of the United States, and will take office just ten weeks after stunning America and the world by winning the US election.

There are still huge divisions in the United States about his credibility.

The president-elect has an ambitious to-do list for the next four years: building stronger borders, keeping the country safe against terrorism, producing more jobs, repealing the Affordable Care Act, replacing it with something better, promoting excellence in engineering and science, investing in modern infrastructure.

Ultimately, it will be up to the people for whom “Make America Great Again” was a covenant, not a slogan, to decide whether the 45th president will live up to his promise.

“I think they have to feel it,” Trump acknowledged. “Being a cheerleader or a salesman for the country is very important, but you still have to produce the results.”

“Honestly, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait till you see what happens, starting next Monday,” he said. “A lot of things are going to happen. Great things.”

He has seen a trend and understood the value of social media, removing the press, and communicating directly via Twitter, during the election process and now on a regular basis.

So what are your views? Will he make a credible President? Do you trust him? Will he be good for the economy? How will Melania compare to Michelle as First Lady? What are your views on his use of social media? What impact will he have on the UK?


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