Will you be reading Grey this summer?

Fifty Shades of Grey as told by Christian Grey, is published today, 18th June, which coincidentally happens to be his birthday in EL James’ Fifty Shades trilogy.

Eager readers got their hands on the latest instalment after it was published on Kindle at midnight, before bookshops open.

El James has rewritten Fifty Shades from Christian’s point of view. The wait alone has had fans in a fluster… a fact that Mr Grey himself would no doubt approve of. The story is punctuated with dreams and flashbacks alluding to his troubled childhood and the nightmares he still suffers. Through these, and his attempts to analyse his feelings for Anastasia Steele, we learn that he is caught in a constant battle with his insecurities.

The trilogy sold 125 million copies worldwide since 2011, was translated into 51 languages, revolutionised countless sex lives, and transformed Jamie Dornan into Hollywood’s hottest man with the movie making £318m at the box office.

Are you a Grey fan? Have you read the first three in the Trilogy?  Did you see the film? Will you be engaging in the fourth? Is it hype or tripe? 

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