Would warnings over dementia stop you drinking alcohol?

We wake up to the latest report that middle-aged people should be warned there is “no safe level of alcohol consumption” and advised to cut out drinking to reduce their risk of developing dementia, and become teetotal.

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) guidelines for preventing the risks of dementia, suggest drinking alcohol is among several factors which can increase a person’s vulnerability.

The watchdog called on the health service to make clear the dangers of drinking alcohol and “encourage people to reduce the amount they drink as much as possible” in new guidelines on how to protect against the disease. Its report also suggested drinking alcohol regularly had become a social norm which should be “challenged”.

Nice’s guidance also cited studies which showed smoking, a lack of exercise and being overweight could heighten risks.

The warning, aimed at those aged 40 to 64, comes as the Government reviews alcohol guidelines, which the could be published later this year.

In reaching its recommendations, Nice’s Public Health Advisory Committee was told “the overall message should be that there is no safe level of alcohol consumption”.

What are your views? Will you take notice of this advice? Will you change your lifestyle? Do you enjoy a glass of wine? How do you feel about cutting alcohol totally out of your lifestyle?

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