Would you support Britain in joining airstrikes against Isil in Syria?

France, which has launched a series of ‘massive’ air strikes agains Isil in Syria, has said it would be ‘appreciated’ if Britain joined the fight.

France’s Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said his country was justified in taking action in Syria. But are we?

This is a very sensitive issue and has the members of parliament divided.  Britain is not taking part in the action in Syria because MPs have so far refused to authorise the extension of airstrikes in neighbouring Iraq.

However, public outrage at the Paris attacks and the wider refugee crisis fuelled by the rise of Isil has put the issue back on the table.

Mr Cameron said it was his “firm conviction” that Britain needed to tackle Isil in the country. Speaking at a press conference at the G20 summit in Turkey, Mr Cameron said:

‘I think people want to know that there is a whole plan for the future of Syria, the future of the region, because it is perfectly right to say that a few extra bombs and missiles won’t transform the situation.’

What are your views? Would you vote for Britain to join airstrikes in Syria? Do you have an alternative suggestion to share?

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