Are TV remote controls over complicated?

I don’t think I am alone in thinking that remote control handsets are overly complicated, and in many cases you need to use at least two to programme your TV, Digital Set Top Box, Sky and DVD players.  There are so many buttons, some of which are multi-functional,  and if you don’t happen to have a pair of reading glasses to hand, can be incredibly confusing to decipher.  Whilst I accept that advances in technology are usually of long term benefit, the simple operation of a television for some people, including my own mother who has dementia, can be beyond their reach.

With over 43% of our population aged over 50, which is set to increase in the next 10 years to 50%, is now the time to ask TV manufacturers to give us the option, to have a simple remote control, for those who want less functionality from their TV for example, just to watch a few channels with a choice of volume, and something more advanced for the rest of the population.  From my own experience of trying to assist parents, in-laws and aunts, and even my own husband, TV operation should not be as daunting as it sometimes appears to be!  It may not just be age related either … I know when my teenagers have gone babysitting, TV operation in someone else’s home is not necessarily a universal procedure.

Maybe we should start a petition to have an alternative controller …  What do you think??


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