Upgrade your sound system with the best wireless speakers

When it comes to splashing some cash on a wireless speaker, you have many things to consider: sound quality, design attributes and connectivity options for three.

Here we recommend some of the top speakers in the shops right now:

JBL Authentics L8

Unlike most of the wireless speakers on the market, the JBL can connect to absolutely anything: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Airplay are all Authentics’ friends. Fans of retro should also be smitten with its foam grill and glossy black finish while the long design means that you can hear exactly what’s going on (usually a lot, and usually loud) in the individual speakers. Find it here

Marshall Stanmore

Via Bluetooth connectivity, the Stanmore will remember the last device it paired with and by simply touching the ‘Pair’ button you allow it to hook up seamlessly. Its classic look will instantly have you thinking of 70s and 80s rock music, while it also has a tough exterior that will survive one or two accidental bumps. Find it here

Bose SoundTouch 20

Using Wi-Fi to stream music from your laptop, tablet or smartphone, the Bose has superb sound quality and a clean, stylish look. It might be a small object, but it packs a real punch with no semblance of distortion. Find it here

Cambridge Audio Minx Air 100

A choice of speaker designs here in either white with a grey cloth grill or all-black. Buttons along the top control pairing, volume and internet radio presets and the speaker drivers present uncomplicated mixes well while acoustic music sounds superb. Find it here

Sonos Play: 5

Being part of the Sonos home audio system family, you can get hook up the Play: 5 with other products in the range for a versatile listening experience. You can download software which syncs with iTunes or Windows Media Player while the app has integrated services such as Spotify and Google Play. Find it here

Braven 850

With a 20-hour rechargeable battery, the Braven has admirable volume for a portable speaker. It also has a USB port for charging your smartphone or tablet and there’s phone and email support plus a Twitter account which means they shouldn’t be too difficult to get hold of in your moment of need. Find it here

Sony SRS-X7

With a clear and precise sound as well as a host of connectivity options, this minimalist-designed speaker is best listened to in the bedroom rather in a large living room or kitchen. Find it here

Do you use a wireless speaker at home?

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