Big Brother Data About Over 50s Habits…..

Facts and figures about the United Kingdom population are always of interest, and are useful when making projections into the future.

  • The over 50s account for 43% of all adults, or 21.6 million adults and this is set to increase to 25 million in 2020 with 14,226 people turning 50 every week.

  • This market segment has a collective pot of £175 billion of disposable income, greater than any other age group with 85% of them having have private pensions and they possess 80% of all private wealth in the UK.

  • The over 50’s have financial freedom as many become free from mortgages and their children leave home. They are also realising assets from long-term increasing property values, many have fairly generous pensions to look forward to and 22% have already inherited money from their parents with 10% having inherited property.

  • A Eurostat report found that 43% of UK citizens aged 55-74 are Internet users which is about 9 million adults in the UK. The most popular use of the Internet is email followed by finding information about goods and services. Other information about the over 50s are that they were most likely to use the Internet to find travel and accommodation services; and they also use online retail banking. Of all age groups, this group is the most likely to use the Internet to seek health-related information and also the one most likely to be using the Internet to find out about education, training or courses.

  • A large percentage, 72% of 55-64 year olds use the Internet to book travel and accommodation, higher than other age groups and with many having more leisure time and disposable income they have a high demand for short break and tailor made holidays that are often taken outside of peak school holiday and peak periods giving themselves better prices and travel companies a valuable customer base.

What do you most use the Internet for?




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