How the older generation are becoming more tech savvy

It seems that technology is no longer something that the older generation aren’t interested in.

In fact, more and more elderly people are embracing new innovations and realising the extensive benefits that technological advances afford in their day-to-day lives.

It wasn’t that long ago that elderly people hadn’t even heard of the internet, let alone understood what it did or how they could start using it. Fast forward to today and internet connections are standard features in the homes of many elderly people around the world.

However, there are of course those less tech savvy grandparents that haven’t yet got the internet in their homes. If you want to fill them in on the benefits, a great starting point is to compare broadband packages to see which ones offer the best in terms of service and price.

Having an internet connection is no longer the apogee of an elderly person’s technological remit. To prove our point, here are five ways in which older people are embracing technology:

Online dating

Believe it or not, online dating is one way that grandparents are taking advantage of their internet connections. After all, many elderly people can find themselves lonely in the later years due to bereavement. Online dating provides them with a new lease of life and the chance to find love once again. Internet dating also allows elderly people to chat with potential companions from the comfort of their own homes.

Audio books

The older generation will remember audio cassettes that allowed them to listen to their favourite books being read aloud by a narrator. Nowadays those old cassettes have been replaced by audio books which can be enjoyed on a variety of devices such as laptops, smartphones and MP3 players. Audio books are particularly appealing to elderly people as they don’t require young eyes!

Online shopping

With mobility often being an issue for elderly people, online shopping has introduced a way for them to make purchases from their armchair and then take delivery at their front door a few days later. This eliminates any travelling and can also be conducted with total peace of mind. Buying gifts for grandchildren has never been so easy! They can even be delivered direct to the child’s house, which adds extra excitement to the occasion.

Social media

With more and more teenagers using social media, sites such as Facebook have become a great way for grandparents to interact with their grandchildren. No longer do grandparents need to wait to hear from their families. They can simply log on and get themselves up to date with everything that’s going on. Social media is also a great way to view recent photos and new additions to the family, especially when grandchildren live overseas or in a different part of the country.

VOIP services

With services like Skype so readily available, more and more elderly people have found a quick and easy way to stay in contact with their families. High quality webcams also make for a more personal chat and are a great way to see how grandchildren are growing. Gone are the days of letter writing, which means that online chat services are fast becoming the primary communication method for many older people.

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