Has the Apple Watch’s time come?

Another year and another new Apple product. As its new wrist appliance hits the market, we wonder whether the price will be justified and if their new device is worth all the fuss.

Wristy business

If anyone is going to launch a new smartwatch into the market, it had to be Apple. After all, they have swept aside the opposition with the iPod, iPhone and iPad, but in those instances they were defeating all and sundry by making improved versions of already popular bits of kit such as MP3 players and Palm Centro. This time, they need to convince people that the so-far unloved smartwatch is the next must-have gizmo.

What is it?

Coming in two different sizes (38mm and 42mm) and a multitude of band options, the Apple Watch will appear in three varieties: the standard Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport (made with lightweight aluminium) and Apple Watch Edition (whose case is crafted from custom rose or yellow 18-carat gold alloys, link bracelet and gold clasp).

What does it do?

If you always wanted your watch to open an internet-connected garage door, check the name of songs or even open your hotel room door, the Apple Watch is the product you’ve been waiting your whole technological life for. An in-built ‘digital crown’ means that you can scroll, zoom and navigate without the display being obstructed, while its ‘force touch’ will decipher between a tap and a press. Many of the iPhone apps will be transferred over, such as Siri, Instagram and Twitter, while it will also feature text and voice messaging and even some health and fitness functions.

Charging ahead

Taking two and a half hours to charge from zero to full, the watch should last the best part of a day without having to be recharged. Even if your battery does go low, the watch will automatically switch into power reserve mode so that you can still see the time for 72 hours.

Time up

Given that it’s an actual watch, how accurate will the time be? Estimates suggest it will keep time to within 50 milliseconds.

The price is right?

The range spans £299 to £13,500. Over 950,000 pre-orders were made on the opening day of sales in America, so the initial cost certainly hasn’t put anyone off buying one. Further predictions that Apple could shift anything between 30m-60m watches is good news for the company and another indication of its dominance in the market.

How much would you be prepared to pay for a smartwatch?

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