The best apps to help you monitor your spending

There is really an app for everything these days and managing your finances is no different.

From checking your spending habits to monitoring your energy usage, these great apps can radically change how you manage your finances and can turn even the most daunting pile of bills into a simple and manageable process.

So here are some great apps that will have you looking at your spending like you never have before.

Moneywiz 2 (iOS) £3.99

Moneywiz is one of the most comprehensive and in-depth financial apps on the market. It handles the basics, including setting budgets and viewing transactions, very well and it can be used over all of your devices, even the new Apple Watch, meaning you will be able to view and update your finances wherever you are.

The more advanced features allow you to set your recurring weekly or monthly transactions or even one off payments onto a calendar which will automatically be deducted from your budget.

There is also the option to view the figures in the form of a line, bar or pie chart which can be a great overview, allowing you to see how your spending habits have changed and if your budget is well balanced.

Packed full of features and with a simple and clean interface you’ll be managing your budgets in no time, the only drawback with this app is that it is an Apple exclusive.

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Goodbudget (iOS and Andriod) Free

Goodbudget brings traditional saving techniques into the digital age. Using the model of the tried and tested envelope system, where you use labelled envelopes to organise your spending, this app uses digital envelopes to the same effect.

It’s a simple premise delivered well and is great for anyone easily overwhelmed when viewing their finances. The inclusion of charts and graphs also adds to the simplicity of the app and can really get you not only budgeting well but even saving your hard-earned cash.

There are currently two versions available with one requiring a subscription fee. The free version offers a limit to amount of envelopes and accounts you can access, which should still be adequate for a small family however if you’re looking to use the app for the whole family you may want to consider the more expensive version.

Find out more about Goodbudget

Meter Readings (iOS) £1.49

This app allows you to input you readings from your gas, electricity and water meters, showing your energy usage in the form of a graph over days, weeks or even years.

The real selling point to this app is that users in the UK can view their power company charges against all competitors, meaning you will have a completely up-to-date view on the cheapest options in your area guaranteeing that you’ll always know the best deal.

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Digital Banking

Most banks these days will offer a digital service as standard but if you are an older member you can ask to be upgraded. These will allow you to check both your recent and historical balance and transactions on your laptop or through an app.

Not as comprehensive as other apps these are however secure, requiring a password to access, and are a great foundation if you are trying to find your monthly deposits and withdrawals and get a basic overview of your finances.

If don’t yet have a digital account, contact your local branch and they will supply you with all the relevant information.

How do you manage your spending?

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