Top apps for diabetics

Tracking is key to diabetes management – and thanks to a number of clever apps, keeping an eye on blood sugar levels and carbohydrate intake has never been easier.

With little more than a smartphone and an internet connection you can quickly and easily monitor your food intake, log blood glucose readings and much more.

Here’s a look at the top apps for diabetics.


Known as the diabetes personal assistant, DiabetesPA is available for Android and Apple devices. created the app with input from more than 20,000 members. You can use it to track blood glucose, mood, insulin, HbA1c, medication, carbs and calories, blood pressure, weight, cholesterol and more. It also helps you share this with your DP or another member of your family easily, helping to give you a broader overview of your health.

Diabetes Forum

Though not a tracker, the Diabetes Forum app helps you connect with over 200,000 members. You can use it to ask questions, find support and share your experience with a huge community who understand what it’s like living with diabetes. It’s free and available for Android and Apple devices.

Diabetes Recipe App

With hundreds of recipes for every meal of the day, the Diabetes recipe app makes it easy to find diabetic-friendly recipes for the whole family. You can search by ingredient or meal type and get a carb overview with every dish.


The MySugr app is an all-in-one logbook you can use to track every aspect of your diabetes. It gives you instant feedback and helps you monitor everything from your blood glucose to your estimated A1c.

mySugr Academy

The mySugr Academy app is made specifically for Type 2 diabetics to help people better understand the condition. This is perfect for anyone recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes who is trying to wrap their head around everything they need to know. Through a series of educational videos you can find helpful tips and tricks that are easy to action and understand.

What are your favourite diabetes apps? Let us know in the comments below.

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