Photography Tips to Teach the Little Ones

If you love taking pictures, sharing this love with the younger generation can be very rewarding. If you want to pass on your passion for photography, we’ve put together this handy guide to help your grandchildren and other little ones get started with a camera.

Choose your camera carefully

Smaller hands can be clumsy hands, so you need to be prepared for your camera to get dropped. If you’re not keen on letting your little one loose with your treasured equipment, it’s probably wise to dig out an old camera, use a disposable one instead, or treat your mini photographer to a child-friendly model that’s designed to take a few bumps.

Handling the camera


If your camera doesn’t have a strap, it might be a good idea to invest in one! Teach your young photography student to use both hands when handling the camera and to always use the strap. Remind them to keep their fingers away from the lens too.

Make a DIY viewfinder

One good way to help your little one get to grips with framing shots is to make a DIY viewfinder. Cut a rectangular viewfinder from a piece of card and let them practise framing shots before you hand them the camera. This is a useful way for them to learn that everything inside the frame will be in the photo when they take a picture, including their fingers if they’re not careful!

A few photography basics

Once they’re more familiar with how to use the camera, there are a few basics you can teach your little one to help them start taking their first pictures.

  • Hold the camera still, steadying the camera on a chair or table if they’re a bit wobbly.
  • Choose a point of interest for each photo, whether that’s a favourite toy, an interesting looking tree or their sibling!
  • Get up close to emphasise the subject. Teach them to get closer or change their angle to create a better photo.

Let them explore

Photography should be fun, so give your mini photographer chance to go off and explore with their camera. Pictures from a child’s-eye view are always fun and interesting, and you may find yourself learning something from them!


Print their photos

When they return with a camera full of photos, take the time to look through them together and point out the ones you like. Encourage their new interest by printing their photos or even creating a photo book of their pictures, which is a great way to help their passion develop. Think how excited they’ll be to have a book of their own photographs!

Next time you meet up, why not go out together with your cameras and show them the kind of things you like to photograph. With a little time and plenty of encouragement, you could have a future professional on your hands!

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