The Groves: Making a treasure of memories

Meet the Groves – avid fans of the CEWE PHOTOBOOK, and the first of our inspiring customers to be featured in a CEWE Photoworld customer film.  

Since their very first holiday together, on honeymoon to the Lake District, they’ve gone on to visit every continent including unforgettable trips to India, New Zealand and Antarctica. With their children having grown up and flown the nest, Julie and Chris Grove visit the four corners of the globe together. They capture the memories they create in beautiful photo books of each of their adventures. Now with a bookcase filled with wonderful photo books of each trip, they are able to reminisce about favourite holidays from the past and share their latest experiences with family and friends.

“I was very touched when our daughter said ‘These are heirlooms for us to have forever’” – Julie Grove

The grandchildren absolutely love looking through these mementoes, and are often found by the bookshelf, surrounded by photo books full of their grandparents’ cherished travelling memories. The CEWE PHOTOBOOK is a fantastic way to bring treasured family photographs to life: “When you make something, you invest it with love. It’s a collection of expressions of love for my family” explains Julie.

Julie has always been intrigued by polar landscapes, so a trip to Antarctica was top of her list of places to explore. The trip turned out to be even more incredible than she’d hoped. Hear from the Groves themselves as they relive their Antarctica trip through the pages of their much loved CEWE PHOTOBOOK.

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