Plan a Digital Detox

With surveys revealing that many people would rather go without daily doses of coffee or television, than be parted with their smart phone, it’s safe to say that the world we live has changed drastically since the rise of the internet.

That isn’t to say it’s all bad – the World Wide Web has enriched many of our lives for the better and is an essential part to how the world now works. But as they say, you can have too much of a good thing and with reports of digital abstinence decreasing anxiety, allowing us to appreciate our natural surroundings and bringing out our real personalities that are hiding behind the anonymity of the internet, taking a break from the digital world comes with some great benefits.

So if you feel that you spend too much time living in the digital world, here are a few ways for you to escape to the real one!

Schedule a screen-free week

Previously titled TV Turnoff Week and Digital Detox Week, the Screen-Free Week is an annual international celebration that aims for you to find joy beyond the screens of your TV and computer. From May 4th until May 10th this year, you’re encouraged to leave behind anything digital and instead spend that time with family and friends.

Block your phone

There are lots of apps online that can enforce a detox if you find it hard to quit yourself. Some regulate, letting you set limits on the amount of time you can browse like In the Moment, while other more severe options can lock you out of your phone completely for a set number of hours or days

Take a Break

Leaving behind your telephone, tablet, E-book reader, laptop and the other vast array of digital devices at home may sound like a nightmare for the digitally devoted masses but a break away can be a great way of recharging your tablets’ batteries as well as your own.

The US based firm Digital Detox offer to change the lives of individuals, families and organisations. Under the slogan “disconnect to reconnect” they offer a retreat that will not only let you leave your tech behind but also help you develop a healthy relationship with it long after the trip is over.

Or if you’re looking for a bigger variety then Digital Detox Holidays is a great website that lists locations all over the world that offer non-digital experiences. They list the packages in order of severity from the more relaxed tech-free attitude packages to the highly disconnected holidays were there won’t be a laptop in sight.

As great as these retreats are there is no reason you can’t leave your devices at home and do it yourself. A trip to the countryside can still be a great holiday as Wi-Fi hasn’t yet reached many rural locations and the scenery is so great you’ll not even want to see another screen. Just remember to bring a camera as you won’t have your phone!

After the Detox

Taking a break can be great but if you feel you are online too much, you may find yourself falling back into bad habits shortly after your detox. If this is something you want to avoid you may want to consider creating a schedule.

It’s natural that you’ll need to access your computer daily even if it is just to check your email but by setting a reminder or alarm on your phone at acceptable intervals to check your inbox, you’ll ensure you won’t miss a thing while keeping away from the web.

The internet is one of the most important advances in living memory; it inspires and entertains billions of people daily but by regulating your time online, you will create a much healthier relationship that will allow you to enjoy the time you spend connected and still remember the world outside your window.

Are you tempted to plan a digital detox? 



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