Are you LinkedIn?

Even if you’ve been turned off by other social networking sites that focus on mundane status updates and pictures of funny cats, there is a good deal to benefit from on LinkedIn for job seekers, especially for older job seekers.

Unlike other social media websites, LinkedIn is a professional networking site where the focus is on jobs and industry rather than on the personal life. LinkedIn connects people on a professional level, showing your connections to others and how that grows your network exponentially.

How to get started

Because of the extensive profiles on LinkedIn, an older person with many high quality skills and a large number of business contacts can instantly look desirable to the recruiters that frequent the site. When you start your profile you will be taken through a guided tour of your past working life that will allow you to remember and highlight the most important skills you have acquired. LinkedIn’s profile is built by asking you questions about your skills, past jobs and education. Make sure to take care writing a personable and well executed biography that can stand out in the crowd.

Reconnect with your network

When you find yourself in need of a new job, one of the most important things you can do is to network. LinkedIn allows you to find people you’ve worked with in the past and reconnect with them. Find out where people have moved on to and what they are doing now. These are people who know you and know your work. It’s likely that someone you once worked with could have a great job lead for you. You can even reconnect professionally with people you went to school with and that’s a whole new networking group to tap into for job leads.

Keep it real

LinkedIn will only allow you to connect with someone you’ve known or done business with in the past. If you want to connect to someone you are removed from you’ll need an introduction from someone that is already linked to them. This protection will also keep people you don’t know from linking to you and offering you “special deals” or trying to scam you. LinkedIn is a great tool for self-promotion without all the extra games.

Join industry groups

Once you have a fully filled out profile you can join groups that are related to your industry and to job seeking in general. Through these groups you can share information and get introduced to powerful recruiters that can help you land your next dream job. The groups use message boards to communicate with each other as well as private messages.

Make sure you get found

LinkedIn does have job postings but the new way of doing things is for HR professionals and recruiters to go searching through profiles on their own in search of potential candidates. Make sure your profile will be memorable and attention grabbing. What are recruiters looking for on a profile? They want to see experience, so don’t forget to add all of your previous positions and companies you’ve worked for. Even volunteering gigs can help boost your experience list.

Look up to date

An amazing side benefit to using LinkedIn for older job seekers is that using web based technology will make you look versatile, relevant and up to date. Some HR professionals mistakenly categorize all job seekers over a certain age as being resistant to change and technology. Showing that you can use trendy social media sites will prove them wrong and put the question to rest before it’s even asked.

If you are searching for a new job opportunity, visit and view their latest positions.  Feel free to join their LinkedIn group “Careers for the More Experienced Worker” to carry on the conversation!

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