So what exactly is Pinterest?

At the bottom of the Silverhairs homepage below the Facebook icon is one called Pinterest. So what exactly is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a new social bookmarking website where users can collect and share photos of their favourite events, people, images and hobbies. For example you can collect photos of food, travel destinations, cars and fashion and place them in categories called “Boards”.  Users can also follow other peoples “boards” or sites if they like them, similar to how Facebook works.

According to Comscore, the US agency which measures website traffic, Pinterest was the fastest growing website ever with 10 million people using it soon after launch. It is an amazing website started in 2010 by a couple of young geniuses from the USA and is a social networking site based on photos and images that allows users to save and categorise them.

To start its simple;  go onto or see the bottom of the Silverhairs website where we have a pinterest icon. Click on that and it will ask you to register. Once this is done, which is simple, especially if you have a Facebook account you are on your way! Pinterest interfaces with Twitter and Facebook so you can link your account to these.

You start by building up your own “board” of beautiful pictures that you either have taken yourself, or have shared from others, and if you need inspiration you can find it on the home page. Users can also comment on pictures and share them with friends as well which is called “Repining”.

You can add your favourite personal photos to your own Pinterest account by “uploading a Pin” which simply means your uploading one of your own photos. This then goes onto Pinterest and other users can see it and Pin it for themselves and comment on it.

Who uses Pinterest?  At present, four out of every five Pinterest users are female, with a high proportion of them being 54 years old and over!

Like other social networking sites, you can follow other people or businesses, for example Marks and Spencers have a wide variety of images updated daily.

If you are comfortable learning how to use something by your own practical input, it is very straight forward once you get going.  The only trouble is, it is totally compelling so once you have registered and started to build your own collection of fabulous images its difficult not to spend ages enjoying it!


Take a look at the Silverhairs Pinterst page for some inspiration ..  simply click the icon below and you will be redirected  ↓



Happy Pinning!



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